September 3, 2012

noah peter

my friend carmella had her baby, mister noah peter adams, on june 25, 2012!

here are some photos i've taken of him over the past 2 months:

june 26th, one day after baby was born

july 10th

august 30th

september 2nd

sorry about the slightly crazy watermarks; there has been a lot of photo stealing around the internet and blog community lately - one woman found a picture of a girl wearing a shirt that had her friend's kid's photo on it! so crazy!

hope you are all enjoying your labor day!

<3 baby a

February 7, 2012

carmella's pregnant!

my very good friend carmella, who has appeared on this blog before, is pregnant!

being her friend, and also the child's godmother, i have had and will continue to have the opportunity to take photographs of her pregnancy as well as one day very soon the little peanut baby himself (that's right, boy baby!)

here are some gems from the past couple of months:

<3 baby a